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It’s been so long since I’ve made new characters… that weird inconsistent stage where I’m still trying to figure out what they’re supposed to look like is kinda frustrating. Is this dude’s hair wavy or not? Is it white or blond? How long is it?? Everything is different every time I draw him, but I don’t know which is right.

Compiled process shots for Lucky 13.

Made a gif also, which includes two screenshots that aren’t included above because of Tumblr’s photoset limits.

Little chibi dudes to fill in some of the white space on the shiny new ‘Souls RP Guide. Pretty happy with how most of these turned out despite massive brain-deadness while I worked on them.

Side note: My commissions are open. It’s been a slow year so far, so it’d be cool to get a few things to keep me busy. Commission types are mostly made of things I happen to have examples for. Anything not listed, feel free to email me about. :o