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Bike anime changed my life.

I can’t believe it took me this long to draw T2 as furries.

Animal choices are lazy since these are their “official” character animals, but I think they both fit the characters anyway. 

They’re both herd animals and do better with a team than on their own. Aoyagi is headstrong and aggressive, if quiet. Teshima alone is pretty useless; a zebra alone on the savanna is an easy target, but you get a bunch of zebras – you give Teshima a team – and predators won’t be able to get to any of them. :>

Um. This is at least 40% Miyu’s fault. <___<


Time Machine | Ingrid Michaelson
Snow White Queen | Evanescence

I Wanna Be Yours | Arctic Monkeys
Big Dark Love | Murder by Death

Bad Romance | Lady Gaga

Animals | Maroon 5
Coming Undone | KoRn

Stockholm Syndrome | Muse

Monster | Imagine Dragons
Novocaine | Fall Out Boy
Tear You Apart | She Wants Revenge
Sweet Dreams | Marilyn Manson
The Horror of Our Love | Ludo

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Or just substitute your own one-sided yanderes.