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Bike anime changed my life.

T2 advent mini artbooks finally came in and all preorders have been shipped!

I have one extra available in the shop, though I did go ahead and order a tiny handful more, so they’ll probably be available at spring/summer conventions if they don’t sell through the shop.

I like how the book looks alongside the Free! advent one I made last year… I look forward to having a new one every year?? I’m not sure what advent will be this year, but my guess is probably volleyballs…

Against my better judgment, I decided that I do want to print some of my T2 Advent Calendar pieces in a little artbook, similar to what I did with Free! Advent Calendar. This is the wraparound cover!

As with last year, there will be at least six new pieces in the book because I already don’t like enough of the AC pieces to fill a minimum 24 pages. :’)

Preorders for the artbooks are HERE and will end on February 13th at midnight PST. The quality should be about the same as for the Free! ones.

Aside from preorders, I won’t being printing many extras, so this will probably be your only chance to grab one. x3

December 25th

♪ Cause I’ve been waiting to give this gift tonight
I’m down on my knees
There’s no better time
It’s something to last for as long as you live
Tonight I’m gonna give you all my heart can give ♫

“This Gift” – 98 Degrees

This stupid song has come up on Pandora a lot this month, okay. Merry Christmas, you gross, gross saps. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

More T2 Advent Calendar.