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So for 24hr Comic Day this year…instead of a 24-page comic, I made a 40-page zine/sketch collection. U___U This idea, the Animorphs alien collection, is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I’m glad I finally got around to it.

Preorders for the printed book are HERE.

5.25" x 8.25", 40 pages, BW interior, color covers. Includes 18 alien species: Andalites, Arn, Garatron, Gedds, Graffen’s Children, Helmacrons, Hork-Bajir, Howlers, Iskoorts, Ketrans, Leerans, Mercora, Pemalites, Skrit Na, Taxxons, Vanarx, Venber, and Yeerks – basically all the named sentient species with enough description for me to work with. (The non-sentient exception is the Vanarx, which I thought was just too relevant to leave behind?)

40 pages is a bit hefty for a copybon zine, so I’m getting it nicely printed instead. I was gonna have it perfect bound, but that doubles the price of the book, so saddle-stitched it remains! I’m pretty excited about it though~. 8)

A PDF download is available HERE.

I posted various WIPs on Twitter if you wanna go see more pics (and also my dumb commentary)!

About to hit the road and head out to Kumoricon!

Here’s the Artist Alley map, if you missed it.

I’ll have limited quantities of both T2 zines and my short T2 doujin, so come by early!

Also, though they’re hard to see here, I have 21 new button designs, including most of the Haikyuu! cast that I was missing, some Nozaki-kun, and some Punpun.

Though I have a few more comic cons this year, this is my last anime con of 2014, so please come by and talk to me about sports anime. ;3;

OKAY. Finished this finally!

It’s a 10-page comic + 2-page omake + another page of doodles. 16 pages total, including covers.

Unfortunately, I only managed to get one full copy printed before my printer decided it wanted more toner. So I can’t print more until the toner gets here, which will probably be in another week or so.

You can preorder the physical copy HERE. I’ll probably have vol. 2 of T2 zine (vol. 1 is here) ready by the end of the month too, if anyone wanted to wait on ordering. All orders will probably come with random T2 prints because I HAVE TOO MANY.

I’ll have both zines and the doujin at Kumoricon over Labour Day weekend!

I’ll post the comic in its entirety, sans bonus material, around October (when the second season starts!!).

Everyone else was making pedal zines, so I made one too. u_u

It is 26 BW pages of T2 sketches, more than half of which I never posted anywhere. How excite! I actually had like 50+ pages of sketches I could have used and had to cull it down a lot, and that’s why this is volume one… I’m sure I’ll accumulate enough for a second volume soon enough. <_<

I like my new printer a lot… maybe I will actually make… doujin…. o_o