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Year of the Cabbit

Were cabbits always this hard to draw? I don’t remember… Sold at the Sakura-Con Art Show.

Ai Orikasa’s Renai no Jikuu/Dimension of Love (man, remember when they dubbed insert songs??) has been on repeat for a week because it’s seasonally appropriate. It was an insert song in Tenchi Universe, and I guess I gotta figure out where tf I can stream the series these days.

Pokemonathon 2022: 158-160

Scanned drawing of Totodile line

Didn’t turn out as I hoped, but happy to move past the starters and get onto the other stuff.

I’ve always been annoyed at how the yellow patch of stomach/chest scales moves around in the evos though. Of the starters, I think the Chikorita line turned out the best… probably because it was the one I cared the least about, haha.

Impressed with how well the point has kept on this brown Tombow Fudenosuke.