Sketchblog Archive for Tools: Kuretake #33

Big flexy brush pen.

Sorting through photos from the last few months today and found this hilarious bunch of photos of the hell I went through trying to get the words JUST RIGHT for this piece

I went through about 40-50 sheets of rice paper and at least a dozen pages of notebook, only to discard most of it. :D I ended up trashing all the handlettered English to use a font, hahahaha.

Happy New Year!

Have some quick derp calligraphy I did to send a photo to my grandparents! I can usually guesstimate stoke order pretty well, but anytime look at traditional characters I’m all what is ??? ¿¿¿¿ stroke order ???? so I almost always end up just doing simplified, haha…

Working on a thing and I wanted to hand letter stuff, as usual.

I forgot HOW GREAT the Kuretake #33 was for calligraphy. The brush tip is really “flicky” though so if you’re not careful, you end up with weird flicks on strokes that wouldn’t normally have flicks. Had a lot of trouble with 蟲 for that reason. My pen ran dry while doing this…but I think have a few candidates I like, at least. (All the thick brushy stuff is the Kuretake #33)

The medium Zebra brush pen was also pretty good, though it produces a less brushy style of lettering (last page, bottom right). I tested a coupla other pens, including the Tombow dual brush, but they all had kinda disappointing results. The Pentel pocket brush was also pretty blah for this.