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I neglected to take proper, full-canvas WIP shots, but here are the cropped progress shots I posted to Twitter while I was working.

Still pretty weak at digipainting, but slow progress maybe? One of my biggest problems is not enough contrast from the beginning, and it’s really hard adding it at the end. Also I almost never use SAI for anything but lineart, so I’m still figuring that out too, I guess.

Finished piece here, if you missed it.

I’m only following the anime at the moment, so please no one comment or tag with manga spoilers, but I’m hella excited to eventually see these two as third-years and finally getting to compete. ;___;

Not sure yet if I’m gonna keep the text for the print, but this and Sports Anime Hell are my two new prints for A-Kon this weekend. Come visit and talk to me about bikes. 8D