Sketchblog Archive for Tools: mechanical pencil

My pencil of choice is the Uni Kuru Toga 0.5, but for some reason it feels better to not be so specific when it’s a pencil…

I’ve wanted to draw some proper art of Zeraora since its debut, but it seems like the specifics of its design just really clash with my style and preferred media. idk how I’d handle those stupid whiskers, but otherwise, the design basics are really similar to Zoroark, but canine heads are still easier to work with than feline ones for me even though I like cats better than dogs, lol.

It’s been so long since I’ve made new characters… that weird inconsistent stage where I’m still trying to figure out what they’re supposed to look like is kinda frustrating. Is this dude’s hair wavy or not? Is it white or blond? How long is it?? Everything is different every time I draw him, but I don’t know which is right.