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I paid for Photoshop CS5 with a student discount and you will pry it out of my cold, dead fingers. I don’t need you, Creative Cloud!

Goodnight Moonpun

These were part of a Goodnight Moon x Goodnight Punpun collab project that never came to fruition.

The “Goodnight Yes” piece I’ve shared before, but not “Goodnight No” and “Goodnight Nobody.” The “Goodnight YO–” page was assigned to another artist, but I threw together something quick to complete the rhyme here. The rest of the pieces I did in 2018.

It’s really too bad the project never got finished; the other artists’ work for it was cool. I’m still pretty happy with how these turned out. The messy lettering and grungy texture was always a style I wanted to revisit outside of Punpun fanart. Still want to do that sometime.

nanowrimo 2021 cover

NaNoWriMo 2021 cover

Wanted to doodle a cover for this year’s project since I think this is the closest I’ve ever come to the spirit of the event, despite 17 prior years participating. Didn’t have the energy for color though. I also still don’t really know what any of my characters look like either. I don’t really visualise much when I write…