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Super awesome Noah and Norbert I commissioned  from my friend kiriska this weekend at Momocon <3 

It’s even got sparklies <3 I also love that Noah is wearing a pendant that matches Norb’s eyes >D

A thing I drew at MomoCon this weekend! (I still love and abuse my glitter pen and no one can stop meeeee.)

Thanks to everyone that stopped by. It was really nice visiting Atlanta again after four whole years. :O

I’m back in Seattle now, but will be in Dallas for A-Kon in 10 days, lol. Map forthcoming!

Just finished up a commission set of 17 color sketch cards from Sakura-Con. This batch was actually my first time ever getting a take-home commission at a con.

I usually like finishing up everything over the con weekend, but this was a huuuge batch, and I was working from text descriptions only, which is 500% harder for a super visual person. The commissioner was really great to work with though, and said from the get-go it was fine for me to take my time.

And these were super fun ‘cause I had a lot of freedom to interpret stuff and also a reason to use my glitter pen. *__* Weeee.