Sketchblog Archive for Tools: Tombow Fudenosuke

The Tombow Fudenosuke comes in a few variants, but I almost exclusively use the hard tip brush in black ink. Here’s my review of the pen.


I’ve made the very obvious discovery that the supplies I never use are great for just brain-off doodle time.

The green Tombow Fudenosuke is a really similar shade to the random highlighter (it’s a Bic brite liner, but do I want to make a tag for it? not really…) I’ve probably had kicking around in a drawer for 10 years at least. It still feels like a big waste to use a Fudenosuke to color random stuff, but that’s the only practical use of the yellow imo…

Marker test Vaporeon

From the Daiso Illustration marker review. I hate how often I use this pose, but it’s the easiest way to fit a big dumb tail onto the page. ¯\_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯