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Process photos for MOTHRA.

Quick inky doodle last night. India ink and white comic ink on cardboard.

I think this is the first time in like half a year that I’ve picked up a real brush. Really gotta get back into that, especially now that I’ve successfully tested that the cats don’t get in the way that much.

Text at the top is “Our bird and saviour is risen”; bottom is “No one pressed B.” My N’s are messed up though, so the bottom bit looks more upside down than backwards, haha.

Loki will probably die in Thor 2. Probably while saving Thor. Probably while impulsively saving Thor. Thor won’t notice until it’s too late because he’ll be preoccupied with Jane. But there will be a body. No ambiguous falling into the abyss this time. Villains past their time as the final boss have only two options: die, or reform, and we know it can’t be the latter. So.

And I mean, he can come back as Kid Loki or whatever because he’s “a god” and it’s comic books and it’s superheroes and no one dies when they are killed, but that’s not really the point.

Black and white ink on one of those Bristol pad backing boards. 9”x12”. Original is for sale.